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Press and Listen Braille and Tactile Sign

Size: 150x150mm

Text: Please Ask Staff For Help

Symbols: N/A

Background Colour: Matt Blue

Text & Symbol Colour: Matt White

DDA Compliant Signs
Here at Elite Sign Solutions Ltd we manufacturer our braille and tactile signs to adhere to the guidelines set by the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) and the NCIS (The national sight loss agency), The two organisations advise that the signs should have the following characteristics:

  • Use of simple fonts and a combination of upper and lower case text.
  • A standard design should be used for symbols and pictograms to make these easy to understand.
  • Lettering on the signs should be tactile (Raised Lettering).
  • To reduce glare and reflection the signs should have a matt finish.
  • Contrasting colours should be used to aid the partially sighted.

When wall mounting Braille and tactile letter signs they should be positioned at a height between 1400–1700mm above floor level.

Manufacturing Time: 3-5 Working Days