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Lightweight with a corrugated centre (aka fluted polypropylene)

Material Overview

  • Digitally printed applied self-adhesive
  • Trimmed sides as standard
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Flexible and durable, can be stuck, screwed, nailed or riveted to any suitable surface
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximum size 2.44m × 1.22m (8ft × 4ft) in one piece

With a high quality printing process, correx signage is the perfect solution for interior and short term exterior displays. Using self-adhesive vinyl, the designs are printed onto correx boards and finished with a laminate protective. The signs can be cut to any required size- however larger orders are delivered in multiple separate pieces of boarding.

A correx board makes for a very professional looking sign and holds many impressive characteristics, including resistance to moisture, flexibility and the ability to be recycled.

Correx itself is a branded name for fluted plastic board, which is simply a board of material with grooves, or flutes, integrated. The material is not only very lightweight, it is considered the cheapest form of exterior signage, however correx has a shelf life of 2 years in the outdoors and will begin to show signs of damage after this length of time.

When fixed to a wall or door, it makes an excellent directional or informative sign, especially where signs are required to be placed at a low height for use as a hazard warning. Using Velcro, screws or washers, a correx board can be simply hung to the required surface with ease.

If you know the exact size of sign you are looking for, contact a member of the Elite Signs team today for an instant quote.

Finishes for Correx

  • Finish Image - trimmed to size zund

    Trimmed to Size

    Items will be cut to the size ordered.